How fast can I get started with a staff placement?

Generally we have a team of expert staff ready and available for immediate placement. Certain roles may contain specifications or complexity that may require a short sourcing period, in these cases we can generally fill the role within a couple of weeks. Let chat quickly, we're experts at making this quick and painless.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get support for services?

You're never alone with us. In all cases our services provide a team that will be by your side at every step. Whether it's one or a hundred staff members or the implementation of a new solution, you'll have a dedicated team, full transparency, weekly, monthly, quarterly meetings, and guaranteed satisfaction.

What is your process?

Ultimately, you're in control. In some cases we can spec, source, and get you started in days with a specific staff need. But in most engagements we'll begin with one of several custom assessments, learn more about you and the challenges you're trying to solve, bring in our team of experts to verify feasibility, provide a proof of concept or roadmap, and provide a flexible engagement that's sure to produce results. In all service lines, you'll get expert solutions and a team that's there pre, during and post delivery.

What's in a name?

We often get asked about the name and significance of Power 5. With many years of deep corporate expertise, we learned early on that leadership and teams tend to "bite off more than they can chew", seeing opportunity everywhere, they take on multiple (often competing) priorities, shift focus, chase tangents and get bogged down while providing suboptimal results. Our experience and ethos tells us that we should never focus on more than 5 key elements of a single project or priority. That's it, as we say: 5 plays = The Power of 5.