Business is the most exciting journey on the planet.

Business is the most challenging journey on the planet.

Wait, what?

Both statements are true for most business owners, leaders, and executives. We believe there has never been a better, more exiting time to be alive and in business. The continued advance of technology and its power to both propel and disrupt make today a great time to partner with technology agnostic providers like Power 5 and Valenta. We started this journey to help firms in need of world class solutions that are generally ignored by the largest consultancies.

Here are some guiding principles for Power 5 Consulting:

Unique Focus on mid-size firms - We reduce complexity with a Proof of Concept

We’re Operators first – no frills just Affordable solutions.

We believe technology can solve most challenges – but not all - we’re Transparent either way.

Our solutions are Customized to always provide real value – no exceptions.

With our Valenta partners, at Power 5, we analyze (think) first, then solve (do) second.

Deep expertise and global teams provide top shelf, best-in-class solutions.

We’re local owners with a vested interest in your goals.

There's two sides to value - what you pay and what you get. Power 5 will always ensure you get more than you pay for in terms of results.

Easy “out” agreements for most services is a forcing function that ensures quality delivery.

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