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  • You need Professional Outsourced Staffing so you can focus on what matters most to you.

  • You could benefit from an AI based Process solution/ RPA - What can we quickly automate for you?

  • You want to build on your success with Strategic consulting - A quick assessment will yield real value.

Let Power 5 Consulting powered by Valenta help you achieve your goals.

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Outsourced Staffing
Outsourced Staffing

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Robotic Process Automation , AI
Robotic Process Automation , AI
Staff Augmentation

Get the professionals you need on staff fast with month to month, flexible terms and guaranteed satisfaction.

Process Automation  

With an Automation mindset, our clients are using RPA to gain speed, accuracy, and free up resources for high value, revenue generating activities.


Full service consulting and coaching services for Go-To-Market Strategies, ERP/CRM selection, managed analytics and procurement, services and implementation.

Experienced professionals, a digital team, fully matched to your needs, at a fraction of the cost (Starting at $1000 per month) :

  • Paraplanners and Virtual Financial Assistants

  • Developers and Engineers (AI/ML/RPA/Full Stack)

  • Accountants and Bookkeepers

  • Virtual Medical Assistants and Scribes

  • Paralegals

  • Data Scientists and Analysts

Nearly every business has manual, repetitive, standardized tasks that should be automated to gain an edge - sample use cases:

  • Customer Onboarding and Service

  • Invoice processing, AR / AP

  • Data entry, updates, extraction, storage

  • Report preparation and sharing

  • Lead management, sales operations, PO's

  • HR processes, onboarding, administration

Let's have a quick chat about your goals. We're easy to talk to, with no obligation, you'll gain value either way. Get a Proof of concept and potential ROI.

  • Go-to-Market Strategies

  • Managed Analytics as a Service

  • Managed Procurement/Spend as a Service

  • CRM / ERP

  • Managed Sustainability programs

Power 5 Consulting is Powered by Valenta. An experienced, global consulting firm operating on every continent.

Let's start a conversation. Were easy to talk to and even if we don't move forward, we'd love to learn more about you and your goals. We love meeting new people and companies.

Our services are affordable, sensible, and typically include a Proof of Concept and flexible terms to ensure you're meeting your goals.